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dust collectors air pollution metal ducting fabrication

dust collectors air pollution control metal ducting fabrication

Aspectair specializes in the design and fabrication of dust collectors, air pollution control and metal ducting equipment. Aspectair dust collectors are the result of years of experience and research. They were developed to provide the industry with a complete range of simple yet efficient mechanical and pulse jet dust collecting technologies. Aspectair equipment gives you added value by helping you to meet governmental dust particle emission requirements, therefore helping you to cut on machinery maintenance costs, health related costs by improving air quality in your plant and recuperating, in many applications, processed materials which would be normally lost. For every application, there is an Aspectair dust collector to suit your needs. To discover the different dust collecting technologies offered by Aspectair, use the menu on your left to navigate through the different product related pages. For the past 25 years, our experienced personnel has been dedicated to conceiving and producing high quality equipment suited to a variety of industries and applications. This vast experience allows Aspectair to conduct projects in a variety of fields such as mining, forestry, printing, cementing and many others. Our multidisciplinary team is composed of engineers, technicians, certified welders and qualified assemblers that altogether ensure the highest standards of quality for every project we undertake. By using the latest technologies and putting the greatest care in our work, Aspectair distinguishes itself by producing high quality custom equipment renowned for their performance and durability. Thanks to wide set of skills, our representatives are able to identify your exact needs and to propose adequate solutions that are adapted to your application. Aspectair's engineers get involved right from the start in the preparation of your proposition. They prepare preliminary drafts of your system and evaluate the project in its whole, considering all the parameters involved. This way, you get a very precise idea of what your system will look like and how it will perform before it is actually designed. The dynamism of our team, essentially based on a thorough comprehension of your needs, is a guarantee of total customer satisfaction!